Kiss and Tell

1535465_684079464948421_335050293_nKiss and Tell by Sandy Green, a YA Fantasy novella, will be published on Valentine’s Day 2014

In Kiss and Tell, two stories alternate between JENNA, a contemporary teen, and VERITY, a former ancient water spirit paying penance as Jenna’s truth-telling magical lip gloss.

After a life of lies and deception, Verity has been transformed into a Sibbecoss – the Kiss of Peace – and permitted to offer and reveal the truth to the ones with the courage to hear it. When Verity reveals Jenna’s painful and shocking past to her, Jenna works to forgive those responsible and forsake those who would control her. But that isn’t quite enough to save Jenna from harm.

Verity has one last chance to ultimately atone for the horrors she caused in her past and repair what’s broken. Will Verity find redemption and peace in the present by protecting Jenna’s future?

Book reviewers and bloggers, request a copy of the ebook here.


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