The Pool Boy

Summer just got hotter.

Something unexpected happens to four women in the Lonely Hearts Book Club in the suburban neighborhood of Pleasant Acres in Grapevine, Texas. At the book club to discuss Fifty Shades of Grey, CEO Marnie convinces the women to hire “The Pool Boy,” a heartthrob medical student who works as a pool boy during the summer, with surprise results as they learn to stand up for themselves and search for something more. What looked to be a hot, lonely summer could turn into the best summer yet.

An e-exclusive (long) short story by Malena Lott

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Love a great pool party? We can’t give you the pool boy in person, but we can give you some recipes in this FREE Pool Boy Companion Cookbook. Download it here and share it with your pals.

The Pool Boy Companion: Delicious Poolside Recipes

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