The Stork Reality

The Stork Reality: Secrets from the Underbelly by Malena Lott

Fiction: humorous, contemporary women’s

Release date: March 1, 2012

Some surprises start small.

What to expect when you’re expecting? For a career-driven couple that didn’t plan on having children, it’s a nine-month roller coaster ride.

Creative director Taylor Montgomery gets the surprise of her life when she finds out she’s pregnant the same day her best friend, Hilarie, finds out she’s not. Taylor never wanted to be a mom, but it’s all Hilarie has dreamed about. The Stork Reality: Secrets from the Underbelly updates the original novel about the journey to motherhood and how pregnancy changes marriage, work, and even close friendships.

Taylor experiences the stork reality as she maneuvers the wild new world of moms-to-be and comes to terms with what it means to be a family.

This humorous, poignant novel will appeal to women and moms in all stages and celebrates that no two pregnancies, moms or approaches to motherhood are the same.

The Stork Reality: Secrets from the Underbelly is available as a trade paperback, $12.95, and as an ebook for $5.99, at the following retailers:

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  • Trade paperback at Amazon
  • Trade paperback at Best of Books in Edmond, Full Circle Books in OKC, KWA and OWFI conferences.

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About the author:

Author Malena Lott

Malena Lott is a married mod mama of three living in the Midwest. The Stork Reality: Secrets from the Underbelly is based on her first novel The Stork Reality, which was published by a New York publisher in 2006 as a mass market paperback. The updated Secrets from the Underbelly version is the first time as an ebook and trade paperback. Based on her friends’  experiences with infertility and difficult pregnancies, Lott decided to add a new character and storyline to the novel – that of Taylor’s best friend, Hilarie. Lott’s other works include the novels Fixer Upper and Dating da Vinci, the e-novella, Life’s a Beach, and the anthology Sleigh Ride, which features her short story, “Snowflakes and Stones.”

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