Timshifters Journey 2 has landed! MARK OF THE SERPENT is available in trade paperback and ebook  for Kindle and nook.

Time is running out. Teen Jordan Booker makes another journey to a past so ancient it predates our fossil record. Only this time, he markserpentcover_borderaccidentally brings a stranger along for the ride. Not only does he have to collect artifacts to save the future Earth and avoid the Time Ranger who wants him dead, he must also watch over the clumsy tag-along who may be an enemy in disguise. Jordan befriends an elf-like family, a tribe of miniature furry humans, and is held captive in a steampunk city while trying to return to his little sister. If he doesn’t make it back to the time capsule, humans will be the next extinct species. More fast-paced, creative sci-fi action from an author who knows how to give readers a thrill ride to the ancient past. This second Timeshifters novel is sure to please sci-fi fantasy readers of all ages.


The first young adult novel in Cara Brookin’s Timeshifter’s series, MARK OF THE CENTIPEDE will launch as a trade paperback and ebook just in time for a adventurous summer reading for 12+ with a male protagonist.

Praise for Mark of the Centipede. 

“Fans of The Hunger Games will be sucked into Brookins’ ancient world, frantically flipping pages to see what creative new critter or plant will pop up next. This imaginative tale of survival turns history and evolution on its head.” —Diana Rodriguez Wallach, author of Amor and Summer Secrets

“Timeshifters has more heart, more weirdness, and more epoch-spanning adventure than you could fit in a dozen TARDISes. Brookins has given us a fantastic ‘boy meets time travel’ story in the Mark of the Centipede and I can’t wait for more.” —Joshua Unruh, author of TEEN Agents in The Plundering Parent Protocol

“Brookins gives readers a world to get completely sucked in to. Fast-paced and full of adventure.” —Lena Brown, author of Twin Falls: Messengers #1

“Unpredictable and thoroughly enjoyable. Cara Brookins’ attention to detail and atmosphere makes Mark of the Centipede a time travel adventure I highly recommend.” —Aaron Smith, author of 100,000 Midnights and Chicago Fell First

About the book:

Fifteen-year-old Jordan Booker is launched to an ancient past unlike anything the history books describe. Now Jordan must find and deliver three artifacts to the guardians to save future Earth…if Time Ranger doesn’t kill him first. Jordan discovers the time capsule on his crazy aunt’s farm and learns about the Oldtimers and their tasks for a future human to help them save the planet by excavating ancient secrets. On his journey to find the first artifact, the Centipede, he acquires intelligent life, a wolf pup, Stinky, and a squirrel friend for his sister Jada; animals that prove to be more like guardians than pets. Namor the Time Ranger rallies a tribe against Jordan and tries to prevent him from making it home, seeking the ultimate revenge.

Now available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble and nook. 

Check out these cool tattoos Cara shared at the OWFI conference last week. You can get MARKED, too. Just forward us the receipt of Centipede along with your mailing address to buzzbooksusa (at) me (dot) com and we’ll mail you some Buzz bookmarks and tattoos!

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