#1 Bestselling motherhood author Heather Davis is back with her second collection of humorous essays.


This time she takes things to the bedroom, the great outdoors, bed and breakfasts and beyond in TMI MOM: GETTING LUCKY (after kids) available now in trade paperback and ebook for Kindle and Nook.


Praise for TMI Mom: Getting Lucky:
“The only thing funnier than a couple of exhausted parents trying to find the time, place and energy to indulge in a little sump’n sump’n, is Heather Davis’s tales of the experience.” — Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, creator of Science Of Parenthood

“Heather Davis will have you laughing at her madcap quest to “get it on” with her husband, despite the gauntlet of parenthood and life getting in the way just about every time they’re almost there.”
— Jenny Gardiner, #1 Kindle bestselling author of Slim to None

Drag this to your desktop and then forward it to your friends or print it out and take it to your next book club. The hilarious Bingo game featured in GETTING LUCK.

getting lucky bingo card

tmimomoversharingcoverfinalTMI Mom is a series of humorous essay books by funny mom and blogger Heather Davis. As Buzz rolls out the TMI Mom brand, we’ll have many ways to connect with other TMI Moms and lighten and brighten your day with a heavy dose of oversharing for our amusement.

Book 1: TMI Mom: Oversharing My Life 

Release date: 4/1/13

Early praise:

“From behind her shower door to her wide-open minivan door, as-seen-on-TV humorist Heather Davis riffs on the truly TMI of marriage and children.” — Ann Imig, Stay-At-Home Humorist

“Heather Smith Davis s so funny that if she were in my book club, we might not even need wine. Maybe. Davis invites you into her little corner of the heartland with heart and humor and a heaping portion of over sharing. How much information is too much for the Ultimate TMI Mom? Two words: drip dry. Even I wouldn’t write about that.” — Lela Davidson, Who Peed on My Yoga Mat

“Heather Davis would tell if you if those pants made you look fat, then invite you out for cheesecake.”— Dani Stone, author of “Next Left”

 From scorching her hoo-hah with jalapeños to attempting Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease in torn sweats and tube socks to her frustrated desire to pour tequila on her cereal when her kids say, ‘I’m booooooooored!,’ Heather Davis serves up hilarious tales of family-life insanity that are never mean (except when skewering herself) and never leave the reader screaming, ‘I’m boooooooored!’ TMI Mom FTW!” — Linda Erin Keenan, author of Suburgatory

About the book:

Ever wished you could say what you were really thinking? TMI Mom Heather Davis does just that. With her trademark dry wit and knack for storytelling, TMI Mom goes where no mom has been (at least in the pages of a book), with stories about the crazy things that can happen — in the minivan, the bedroom, and out in the big, bad world.

  • ISBN-10: 1938493087
  • ISBN-13: 978-1938493089

Available in trade paperback and ebook. Official launch week April 1st!


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Oklahoma City: 

  • Moms Rock Double Launch party (with Dance Mom Survival Guide) 2-4 p.m. Sunday, April 14, 2013 @ Full Circle Bookstore, 50 Penn Place; Door prizes include a Miche wallet, a haircut and Unite products from Trichology Salon and a Dance Mom tote bag and TMI Mom T-shirt from Buzz Books USA
  • Author signings at OWFI conference in Norman, Saturday, May 4, 2013 @Embassy Suites (open to the public)


Also available: a travel essay collection, TMI MOM BITES THE BIG APPLE, which details the Oklahoma mom’s first trip to NYC to be a guest on oversharing on a national talk show. Times Square? Check. Sausage on a stick? Check. Pashmina pushers? Triple check. We guarantee you’ll feel like you’re right there in the taxi with TMI Mom.

Where to buy:


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Connect with Heather on Facebook, Twitter and her blog. 

About the author:

Heather Davis has a finely tuned snarky side, which she uses on a daily basis to save her sanity. She is married to a very patient husband, and together they have two very entertaining daughters. Oversharing My Life, a collection of humorous essays, is her debut book. She and her family live in Bartlesville, OK, where she chronicles her life at

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